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Hi everyone / v /! I think I may be leaving this blog ( I’ll keep it open but I won’t be active in this fandom anymore ). While it’s been fun, I’ve been gradually getting less and less active since my hiatus in October, and I think it’s time to bid farewell. If anyone is interested in keeping in touch, I’m always on my main and on my dA. Thank you, I suppose ; v ; ! It’s been nice. )) 

Just a thing, but don’t worry about being loved, because there will always be someone out there who cares even if you’re not aware of it. Someone else’s affections are not worth your time if they don’t want to give it to you in that way; just remember to choose your battles before you fight. I hope you all sleep well tonight. ))

My muse accidentally says “Bye mom/I love you,” on the phone with your muse! How does your muse respond?

are we sharing ball clothing ideas because if so - 

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If you’re intimidated by me, go on anon and tell me why


my friends’ art is really good and they’re constantly improving and im here like image

squishy couple meme

( since people may not be comfortable with reblogging the sex meme and still want to do a couple thing - ) 

send me a pairing and I’ll tell you: 

1) what their first kiss was like/ will be like

2) who said/will say ’ I love you’ first

3) who is more expressive about their feelings

4) most common sleeping position/habits

5) who steals/will steal kisses more often

6) the traits that attracted each other

7) their ideal date

have fun !! 

Bookstore; closed RP w/ asktheartisans



Taking a moment to breath while inhaling a bit of nervousness and exhaling some pride, Privy’s cheeks were flushed vibrant salmon pink yet this wasn’t the kind of redness that reached the cheeks when in love. It was the kind that surfaced out of nervousness. This new situation was both exciting and a bit taxing on the soul.

After that long breath she managed to iterate some vocabulary “G-great… then I will meet in the back, at the cafe….I will be by the window tables if that’s okay, the view outside is always nice….” twiddling her fingers, and stopping her run-on speech, the pink haired girl pivoted her body away from the man and swiftly walked away. Not saying another word. 

Words weren’t needed, you could see everything in the way she walked, light on her feet and a bit of stumble. Ready and anxious. 

Before he could utter another word, she had dilly-dallied out of the store, trailing off and away. Heaving a sigh, he trotted over to the counter, paying for his small stack of books before stowing them away into his reusable canvas tote, stepping out of the bookstore with the usual wave and minimal small talk he shared with the owner who had known him for at least a several years now. The routine had almost become stale, but the gist of it had grown so familiar that something inside of him never wanted to let it go.

Strolling down to the cafe just adjacent to the back of the bookstore, Cae wondered if Prince, his fluffy mutt that would never get off of him, would mind waiting how ever long the coffee break would last. He supposed it would be alright; though clingy, Prince was a patient dog with a pleasant attitude.

As he arrived, he found her waiting exactly where she had described. It was less work for him, he supposed. Though he had initially been there for the free drink, he figured that he would ending up paying for his own or both drinks out of common courtesy. Glancing down at her again, he raised his hand, weakly flicking his wrist to bid her a greeting while loosely readjusting the canvas strap of his bag on his right shoulder.

aphrornania whispered:
doN't ChasE THe RABBIt


I don’t want this child in my arms anymore. 

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((Owl? Idk I don't really see any of these completely in him ^^;; ))

(( ah thank you for sending something in anyway !! u v u I appreciate it // blows kisses )) 

Ah… Thank youu……. ? Thank you.